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Watch some of our most recent NewsPoint360 interviews with experts sharing  their knowledge on a diverse range of topics.

Perseverance Mission to Mars: Understanding technology for travelling to, and living on the planet Mars.

Dr. Lucy Berthoud, University of Bristol

The Equality Act: The landmark bill would amend civil rights legislation, but it's a contentious issue.

Dr. Caleb Smith, Cedarville University

Law Enforcement, Racism and the Use of Excessive Force

Dr. David Thomas, Florida Gulf Coast University

Islamophobia in the United States: How have the Trump years affected Muslim Americans' mental health?

Dr. Farha Abbasi, Michigan State University

Scottish Independence: Is it coming soon?

Dr. Simon Tormey, University of Bristol

Universal Childcare: The post-pandemic workforce answer?

Dr. Susan Prentice, University of Manitoba

Sports and Activism: Why 2020 changed professional sports

Dr. Shuan Anderson, Loyola Marymount University

Reintegrating the Incarcerated: Changing Societal Attitudes

Dr. Maxine Bryant, Georgia Southern University

Seasonal Affective Disorder: How to treat it

Dr. Hanne Hoffmann, Michigan State University

Litigation Finance: Levelling the Playing Field in Court

Edward Truant, Slingshot Capital

The U.S. Civil War: How close are the 1860's to the 2020's?

Dr. Judith Giesberg, Villanova University

STEM/STEAM education: How students are learning now

Dr. Ashley Gess, Augusta University

About Us

Discover how NewsPoint360 is delivering relevant, pragmatic and trustworthy expert content using the power of video.

We launched NewsPoint360 based on one important belief: An informed public depends on the evidence-based perspectives of experts.  But we’re sorely lacking opportunities to hear from them in today’s media landscape.

Opinions are easy to find amidst a polarizing mess of fake news and misinformation on social media.  With many traditional media outlets struggling to maximize traffic and revenue, there is an increasing focus on stories that generate short term buzz and prioritize clicks over quality.  Much of the research that experts have to share is today published in academic journals that are inaccessible to the public.  And when experts do get media coverage, their knowledge is too often reduced to sound bites that are threaded into news stories.  It’s also no secret that many newsrooms use a regular roster of vetted sources for their stories, but this reliance on the “usual suspects” leads to a lack of diversity and inclusion.  The result is that audiences miss out on a wealth of important stories and trustworthy perspectives.

We have to do better.  That’s why we built NewsPoint360 around a set of principles — to deliver relevant, pragmatic and trustworthy expert content using the power of video,  all produced by a dedicated team of  producers with real-world newsroom experience that understand the power of storytelling.  We’re committed to curating a digital platform with industry partnerships that enable journalists and other audiences to discover a diverse set of credible experts on important topics that need to be a bigger part of the conversation to better our society. 

Keeping pace with all the political, economic, business, science/technology and cultural shifts unfolding across the globe is an increasing challenge.  We are committed to driving awareness of important research and innovations that experts are working on that provide a benefit to society.  

We don’t have an editorial page and we’re not pushing a partisan agenda; in fact, we believe that facts and professional research don’t have, and shouldn’t have, agendas.  Our job isn’t to take sides. We’ll leave that to others.  Instead we’re focused on the growing expertise gap that exists in media.  By showcasing the valuable (often undiscovered) work of real, qualified experts we can provide important evidence and insights that are desperately needed by many audiences today.

NewsPoint360 is not funded through advertisers and does not engage in product/service reviews. At the present time, our operations are funded with financial support from our partner, ExpertFile.  ExpertFile Inc. operates the largest open, curated online expert network in the world with experts on over 40,000 topics from sectors including higher education, healthcare, corporate, industry associations and non-profit organizations.  Through its partnerships with the Associated Press and Dejero, ExpertFile helps journalists in over 15,000 newsrooms around the globe find credible expert sources for their coverage.  As many news organizations around the world struggle financially, ExpertFile is committed to helping NewsPoint360 develop a sustainable business model that is not reliant on increasingly unpredictable advertising and subscriber revenues.  As a funding partner, they support our mission to provide an engaging digital platform to help journalists and other audiences discover a diverse set of credible experts on the important topics that need to be part of our conversations. Given that ExpertFile features thousands of academics from leading universities and healthcare institutions in its expert search engine  used by newsrooms around the world, the NewsPoint360 team also uses ExpertFile extensively as a source for qualified experts to comment on the day’s biggest stories. 

The NewsPoint360 editorial team is committed to featuring credible sources and presenting information in an objective and engaging manner.  NewsPoint360 is focused on coverage of relevant topics of interest to journalists to assist them with their coverage.  Our stories are selected based on pitches we receive and referrals made by our partners and colleagues. For more information on how to submit a story/interview idea please visit .

We strive to be worthy of our audience’s trust. Our duty is to report information fairly using journalism’s best practices and to be transparent in what we do.  We follow these important guidelines:

  • We will conduct all interviews and guest interactions with professionalism, respect, and in the spirit of independence, fairness, and accuracy
  • If we publish a mistake, we will be transparent in our correction and immediately follow our corrections protocol
  • We will maintain a high standard of decency and language standards expected of a news organization
  • We will never falsify or recontextualize through editing any part of ourcoverage
  • We will attribute the original sources of information used in the production of interviews
  • We are committed to amplifying a diverse set of perspectives and prioritizing marginalized gender, racial, ability identities in our guest representation
  • Guests appearing on NewsPoint360 are selected on the basis of a number of considerations, including but not limited to the following:
    • The guest can present on a relevant topic of interest to a general audience. If a topic is only relevant to a niche audience, we need to find a unique story angle or perspective with a broader appeal
    • The guest can present an informed perspective – not product pitches
    • The guest has novel research or field work that provides evidence to support key points
    • The guest has demonstrated expertise and professional credits in their field
    • Note: We reserve the right to decline, at our discretion, any submission that includes content or a topic that we deem inappropriate, unfair, offensive, discriminatory, in poor taste, potentially libelous, or otherwise objectionable
  • An appearance on NewsPoint360 does not represent any endorsement of the opinions, research findings, products or services discussed in our interviews
  • We reserve the right to request source material to substantiate factual claims made by experts

Contact Carly Maga at cjmaga@np360.net with any story pitches you have. Right now they are looking for experts who can speak to the following topics:

– Joe Biden presidential inauguration
– Global Women’s March
– Brexit & the fallout in European politics

– Safer Internet Day – Cybersecurity and its implications
– The global vaccine rollout
– Love, relationships, dating and the pandemic

– One year anniversary of pandemic shutdown in US/Canada/UK
– Earth Hour & climate change
– NCAA March Madness

– Tourism in 2021
– 2021 Academy Awards & the modern film industry
– Forbes’ World Billionaires List announced

– World Press Freedom Day
– Celebrating teachers – what are the challenges facing the profession?
– Mental health and wellness

– Reopening of Broadway
– Queen’s Birthday
– Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

– 60th anniversary of the birth of Princess Diana
– 15th anniversary of Twitter launched to public, four months after first ‘tweet’
– Tokyo Olympic Games

– The future of working
– Edinburgh Festival/Fringe Day
– 50th anniversary of the ‘Mr Men’ books

– Back to School and new grads
– National Wilderness Month
– 20th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

– World Food Day
– G20 Summit
– Halloween

– National Entrepreneurship Month
– Guy Fawkes Day
– Black Friday

– Holidays
– Year-end trends
– Predictions for 2022

ExpertFile LogoExpertFile provides financial support for our mission to provide an engaging digital platform to help journalists and other audiences discover a diverse set of credible experts on the important topics that need to be part of our conversations. Given that ExpertFile features thousands of academic experts from leading universities, healthcare institutions, NGO’s and corporations in its expert search engine used by newsrooms around the world, the NewsPoint360 team also uses ExpertFile extensively as a source for qualified experts to comment on the day’s biggest stories. For more information on ExpertFile please visit www.expertfile.com


The Online News Association is the premier institution serving the journalists, technicians, companies, organizations, students and academics exploring innovative ways to create and deliver news through digital technology.  Our NewsPoint team are all members of the ONA and we are also a proud to supporter of it’s mission in providing invaluable professional development opportunities for today’s journalists are areas that include: digital transition; new technologies; and emerging best practices for journalism that help the profession better inform the public.

NewsPoint360 is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information provided to us. Using this information properly allows us to deliver a unique set of services across the entire scope of our operations: from the websites and social media channels and media source directories we publish to; as well as other distribution services which may include syndicated news services, podcasts, articles, newsletters, webinars.  

Our privacy commitment is about more than complying with applicable country privacy laws; it is about doing the right thing for the all the people and organizations we interact with.  The following principles reflect our commitment to safeguarding personal information in our care:

  • We keep your personal information and the communications you have with us in strict confidence.
  • We obtain personal information about you lawfully and fairly.
  • We do not disclose personal information without your permission except where permitted or required by law or competent authority.
  • We are responsible for all personal information in our possession, including information transferred to third parties performing services on our behalf. All such persons, wherever they are located, are required by us to protect the confidentiality of your personal information in a manner consistent with our privacy policies and practices.
  • We maintain appropriate procedures to ensure that personal information in our possession is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. To the extent required by applicable law, you may seek a correction of your personal information if you believe that the information we have is not accurate.
  • We try to respond to requests for access to – or correction of – personal information as soon as reasonably possible. In circumstances where the law does not entitle you to access, we will explain why access is denied.
  • We maintain technical and organizational safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. We limit access to those who have a business need to know.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Please click here to learn more about our Privacy Policy

Our Team

Learn more about our talented, dedicated team of broadcast professionals.

Sharon Bowes

Show Anchor & Producer

Sharon is a veteran broadcast journalist, marketing professional, and health promotion specialist. Following a start in radio, Sharon moved to CTV where she served as a talk show host, news anchor and marketing executive. More recently, Sharon developed the marketing strategy for the launch of a digital news platform with Laurentian Publishing, now owned by Village Media. Sharon's healthcare experiences includes roles at Northeast Cancer Centre where she played a pivotal role in teh development of Cancer Care Ontario's Aboriginal Cancer Strategy.

Rik Sokolowicz

Producer & Head of Technical Operations

30 Years experience with National television broadcast networks in Canada and the U.S, Rik has an extensive background in cinematography, production and post-production.

A specialist in live broadcast, he has also earned credits in documentary and feature length film. Rik is currently and Adjunct Professor in Video Production for Television at Canadore College

Carly Maga

Producer & Digital Content Specialist

Currently a freelance journalist at the Toronto Star, Carly also has extensive digital agency experience working on content projects with Fortune 500 Brands.

She is a graduate of Ryerson University's journalism program, majoring in TV broadcast news, and holds a Masters Degree from York University.

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